Top 3 Storage Ideas for DVDís

DVD Storage Ideas

What are the 3 best places to store you DVD collection? Drawers are one because despite for their hidden features, they can also fill in the different nooks and crannies of your home which will turn out as useful hidden compartments. Some of these unassuming areas are beneath the steps of the stairs, beneath the bed or even right in the open but hidden in plain sight. Aside from being one secretive storage facility, it is also very practical. You can just pull the cover off and the movie titles in one glance.  The second storage units are cabinets. Wall cabinets if you want these humongous storage facilities to be less obvious, its doors can be purposely be done to seem like feature walls. But with its bulk, remember that it will somewhat give the feeling of slight over crowdedness. Usual places where these cabinets can be placed are the entrance of your home, living room area and also the kitchen. Last but definitely not the least are the in between spaces. Gaps between beds and closest are unavoidable so better make use of the mentioned, Just install a couple of shelving by yourself in locations you would never expect and viola, one practical storage in between gaps of your home.

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